19 June 2007

New organizational toy... er, tool

I finished assembling (love that nail gun) and sealing my window seat and now I'm on a hunt for the "perfect" fabric to cover the cushion. It needs to be contemporary, visually quiet but not boring, and dog proof, I'm not asking for much! I still have the doors left to cut, finish and install, so no pictures of the completed unit yet.

I bought a new toy... er, tool for my studio. I don't know how I lived this long without my very own label printer. Here are some of my thread cases with labels. No more searching for the right box, no more guessing. Efficiency thy name is P-Touch. I want to label everything in sight now.

I labeled some other boxes that contain paint, markers and various papers. I was so into it last night that I cleaned out and re-organized the linen closet. And of course, labeled the shelves. That obviously needs to stop, since all of this organizing is about finding more time to make art!


Anonymous said...

How about old fashioned oilcloth? This is aging me but when I was a wee Brownie we bought oil cloth at Woolworths and made "sit upon's". I've seen it and it's astill a great value and almost pet proof!

manekineko said...

seems very organized!