11 January 2008

Workshop News - Project Patchwork

Is everyone loving Project Runway this season as much as I am? And who wouldn't love a challenge where you're set loose in a chocolate store for 5 minutes??

I've been teaching a workshop called Project Patchwork for the last couple of years that is the art quilter/textile artist's answer to the fun on PR. This summer I'll be teaching it at A Quilter's Affair in Sisters, Oregon. These are the workshops that run the week before the big outdoor quilt show in Sisters. The workshop is offered twice on two different days, with different challenges each day. If you'd like a peek at the results from one of the previous classes, click here. We're going to have a blast!

I'll also be teaching workshops there on Discovering Found Objects, working with paper, wire, metal, ephemera, etc, and on Outer Limits - really, really unusual edge finishing techniques for art quilts. That workshop covers a minimum of 20 (twenty!) different edges, everything from beads to yarn to paper to plastic and lots of variations on fabric binding.

For more Project Runway fun, check out the Project Rungay blog. Those boys nail it every time. It's nearly as much fun as the show!

And now that I've photographed that chocolate I can eat it...


MargaritaNava said...

Proyect Runway also I like!

That desire to attend this class ... And of course, a chocolate

Good day!!!

lila said...

Hi Jane!
I'm loving the pink and red colors in the photo of the foil wrapped chocolates! With the right glue, I bet the foil could be used in an art journal...of course!

KnitOneQuiltTooKristin said...

Jane, I've really been enjoying your book lately. I live in Bend OR and I'm making plans for quilt week. I was already thinking about the Outer Limits class. Now I'm trying to talk my sister into doing Project Patchwork with me. She'll be visiting from CA and I'm really looking forward to taking a class with her. I'm so glad you posted this because we really need to make a decision soon. I'm hoping that it's not already full! The challenges look like a lot of fun.

Teri said...

I start drooling when I see chocolate. Maybe it's time to make another Chocolate quilt. Yummy!