12 September 2008

Tweet peek

The beautiful Jim Mullan crow arrived this week and he's stunning. The lightstands are in Carlos' studio because we're shooting his new paintings to update his website but I will post a good, well-lit picture of Monsieur Crow in the next couple of days. In the meantime here are a few peeks at some of the exquisite details.

And I've decided that three steampunk Mullan birds is the perfect number so I'm on a quest for the final addition to the trio.

When I was teaching in Sisters, Oregon this summer one of my students had a bag full of funky little wooden birds that she had purchased at a tag sale on her way to the conference. I coveted those birds - they were all different colors and shapes and had the coolest vibe. She gifted me with two of them at the end of the workshop and I am so grateful (and I didn't even whine or beg or anything). Aren't they great? They're only about 1.5" high and are obviously hand-carved and hand-painted.

I finished the first of a new series of quilts with a bird theme and will reveal it soon. It's really interesting to re-visit a theme after many years have gone by to see if you can say something new. My last bird quilt was in 1994, but I definitely see a new approach to birds as subject.

Do you find yourself re-visiting old themes? Or do you say everything there is to say in a theme and move on?


Anonymous said...

Your fabulous crow is way cool. I can't wait to see the full pix you post of him.

Plain Jane said...

waay cool crow.
I'm sure I'll be even greener when I see the whole thing.
this bird collecting thing is addictive, so beware!

Plain Jane said...

yup, I've seen his work in museum shops. I knew it. MORE green now.

Vicki W said...

Oh my! Where do I get one of those! I love crows - I must have one!

Terry said...

I am lover of birds too, of course and I covet that crow! And those little birds are wonderful too. I have a flock of Mexican birds. I should blog them one of these days.

norma said...

Very interesting!
You'll have to show them at one of our SAQA meetings. I'd like to met them in person.

Vivien said...

So cool! How big is the crow? Can't wait to see the quilt.

PaMdora said...

This is good question. No I don't think I re-visit old themes, but they come back to me, it's never intentional. Just seems to happen.

Love the crow's eye.

Gerrie said...

Oh, my, that crow is quite a piece of work. Love it.

Juan said...

Fantastic crow!!!