15 February 2009


Lots of stuff going on, lots of changes happening and lots of time being eaten by said stuff and changes, which leaves little time for art. So, I'm going to distract you from the fact that I haven't posted a new Loteria collage in a while with some art I haven't shown yet.

las peras verdes

This is a mixed-media collage mounted on bristol board, using more of the mini-pear prints from last summer.

And this is a quick peek at one of the distractions in my life right now - another reno project, this time in Carlos' studio.

We decided that the shed attached to his studio would benefit from the addition of a window, among other things. Of course, there's always more to a project than that.

First I needed to clean everything out of the room and paint. I like to visualize things in advance (and I'm impatient), hence the blue tape to see where the window will go.

A quick trip to Ikea with a very focused list netted us some extra-tall shelves to create an impressive amount of storage along one wall of the room. I love Ikea.

Today we put in the new window and tomorrow, after the foamy, squirty insulation is dry and shaved down and the moulding is added, I'll take photos from inside. This is a picture from outside and in looking at it closely, I'd better add "paint the barn" to my To Do list for the Spring. Ignore the air conditioner lounging on the shed roof. It's a long story involving two ladders, a long rope, colorful words in several languages, rodent offspring and a slight miscommunication...

Have you noticed that when life-changing events are taking place that you have difficulty producing art? I certainly do. It isn't even a matter of having the time or desire, but rather the mental, emotional and creative energy necessary. So, a fallow and frustrating time.


Samantha said...

Oh, look! It's my little Helmer! How could you neglect to mention him? I bet you forgot what your bookshelf is named.

Ikea furniture aside, I love the pears! I think we need our own pear tree for the spring... Partridge optional.

Terry said...

Lovely pears, lovely storage spaces. I had wondered where you had gone to. Glad you are OK, though distracted and frustrated. Hope it is all resolving.

Julie said...

I just had to tell you that I bought your book Art Quilt Workbook and I just love it. Im creating a small MissippiRiver Collage for a friend. I bet you never come to St. Paul mn. I would love a class. I cant wait to check out your new book . Julie Cook

Rayna said...

Yes, I have noticed that life gets in the way of art. But while it seems to be a fallow period, STUFF is happening below the surface that will emerge when it is ready. (At least, that's what I tell myself).

Karen L R said...

Yeah, I hear you. But look at all the cool projects you are accomplishing in the meantime! You are so clever, Jane. And I think the air conditioner adds a certain something to the pastoral look.