15 April 2009

April flowers

Spring has sprung, the bulbs I planted last fall are up and most are blooming. There's a whole patch of "surprise" bulbs (I forgot what I planted, gotta write it down next time, oof).

Even in the midst of nutso packing for Quilt Festival in Chicago, I did a little decorating for Easter dinner. A couple of bouquets of flowers, a pretty floral fabric...

... and small sparkly chicks!


Plain Jane said...

gotta love a sparkly chick!
Sounds like a busy spring for you indeed! You gotta put San Diego on your itinerary!

Jill said...

Just wanted to say thank you for your class at the Quilt Festival in Chicago. I really enjoyed meeting you and making my collage pendant!

I've also enjoyed reading your blog. Your photographs are beautiful! I'll definitely come back!