11 July 2009

Bricolages - part deux

The bricolage assemblages are done! I'm not certain what they "mean" or what they're "saying" yet. I tend to work very subconsciously and all of that needs to filter up before I can figure it out.

I made small shelves with balsa wood, painted them and then distressed them before attaching them to the illustration board. I used both glue and small screws to attach the shelves.

I auditioned a number of found objects for the shelves. In the end I used found chess pieces that I bought from Judy Gula in Houston last year.

The empty morphine vials came from a Facebook friend's etsy store.

The cardboard letters and vintage Japanese card came from another Facebook friend's etsy store. Etsy is the best. So is Facebook.

It's very tricky to photograph framed art because of the reflections on the glass and harder still to photograph shadow boxes because of the depth of the frames and the shadows they throw. These difficulties were compounded by having to use just one photoflood, since the other blew during a marathon photo shoot recently. B&H will be delivering new bulbs on Tuesday, so I'll set up and shoot again next week.


Attic Rat said...

Thanks, Jane. I like how you used the bottles. Your pieces came together nicely!

- Teresa

Vivien said...

These are so cool! Can you bring them in for show and tell?

norma said...

These are fabulous! And I like the way you described your process in making them. Ditto to Vivien. Please bring to to the next meeting.

Natalya said...

these are really cool!

Plain Jane said...

waay cool, oh master of bricolage!

Marlis said...

these are cool! thanks jane.