09 May 2011

Housing Starts

Last year, the uber-talented and enthusiastic Kathy York got a brainstorm to gather a group of artists to create a village of Fiber Houses. The resulting village is so vibrant and interesting, isn't it?

I built three houses for the project and at the time I thought they were on the large side, but looking at the village now I can tell they're not. My houses are in the center right in the village above.
First side of my pointy house 
Second side of my pointy house

Side one of my squatty house

Side two of my squatty house

Side one of my tall house
Side two of my tall house

I had a lot of fun playing with roof lines and proportion. Maybe it's my frustrated architectural tendencies?
Each of my houses is composed of both fabric and art/found papers and incorporates some printmaking.

Following along on the rest of the blog tour to learn more about the houses and their artists.

Susan Else (website) May 2 http://www.susanelse.com/
Frances Holliday Alford May 3 http://www.franceshollidayalford.com/weblog/
Pamela Allen (website) May 4 http://pamelart.homestead.com/titlepage.html
Frieda Anderson May 5 http://friestyle.blogspot.com/
Lisa Call May 6 http://blog.lisacall.com/
Vickie Hallmark May 13 http://fiberartglass.blogspot.com/
Laura Wasilowski May 23 http://artfabrik.blogspot.com/

PS: Sorry about the wonky formatting in this post. Blogger is being a pain in the patootie and won't bend to my will this morning...


kathy york said...

Beautiful post! Your photography is wonderful. Love your houses! Thanks for being a participant!

Vivien Zepf said...

I think this is such a cool project. I've enjoyed seeing the close ups of all these fun houses. Well done. Thanks for sharing.

Jane LaFazio said...

love your houses!!

Judy Coates Perez said...

Wow you made your own little village, lol! They are fabulous and so very Jane!

Barb Forrister said...

Jane, I love all three! Thanks for sharing.

Natalya Aikens said...

adorable! (say it with a french accent!)

norma said...

These are terrific, Jane! What a great project.

Cheryl said...

I love your houses and I love this project.

Elizabeth said...

Blogger has been a royal pain all month- no matter your houses are so wonderful !! I have so enjoyed looking at the whole project- Your mixed media houses really speak to me however- love the colors and composition of each!!!!

Julie Bagamary said...

They are wonderful and fun.

Cassy said...

Wow! Those little houses are so beautiful. You are very creative.

Cassy from Rock Guitar Lessons

essay writer said...

very beautiful!