16 September 2013

B2B Mondays - Professional presence

Today's business tip for artists has to do with your professional presence. Your business cards (and postcards if you use them) are an excellent marketing and networking tool that you should carry with you at all times.

You have no idea where the next opportunity will come from and being prepared with a snazzy business card with all of your contact information printed on it means that you won't miss the opportunity and you won't be scrambling for a napkin on which to jot down your details.

Keep in mind that your business cards should be in alignment with your brand so tie them in to your blog or website design, colors, and fonts. Use the space on the card to highlight a photo of your work, even a thumbnail is great!

If you're low on business cards, or if you haven't printed any yet, take time this week to design and order some. Think about adding links or icons for social media so your contacts can connect with you on the platform of their choice.

My favorite online resource for business cards is Moo. The quality of their cards is outstanding and their customer service is amazing. I have ordered cards from them for years and have been more than impressed every time. If you'd like a 10% discount on your first order, click here. Disclaimer: I receive a credit to my account when you click that link, but I love Moo so much, that I'm just as happy if you visit their website directly and bypass the affiliate link (there's no discount if you do though, lol).

There are, of course, many other places to have business cards printed, both online and locally, so I encourage you to explore all of your options. Think carefully about using a "free" printing service if the catch is that they print their logo or web address on your card. This option appears much less professional because it gives the receiver of your card the impression that you aren't serious enough about your business to invest money in it.

Another great option is to design and print your own business cards. Most office supply stores carry business card blanks - sheets that you can print in your own inkjet or laser printer that snap apart easily and look clean and professional. I did this for years before discovering Moo (and still sometimes resort to this option when I've run out of cards before a new order arrives). One drawback I've found is that the paper isn't quite as thick and luxe as the paper used by a commercial printer.

If you design and print a new business card, please add a link in the comment section here so we can all see it!


Carol Sloan said...

I love Moo cards too!

Lisa said...

Thanks Jane! I've been thinking about redoing my cards even though I still have a LOT let from last time. There are a few things I should probably change.

Kristin L said...

I used the occasion of printing post cards for my solo show to also update my business cards. They match my website, and I even made a carrying case and tray to match them/my exhibit. :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jane. I loved the weight and finish of your cards and was wondering who did them - now I know! Take care, Byrd

Karen L R said...

moos are on sale through sept 22!

Norma Schlager said...

This is something I must do; my old business cards are so out of date. Off to Moo I go. Thanks for the prompt.

jane dávila said...

Moo is having a sale! The Universe is telling us to update our cards!!

25% off until September 22.

Layla Stabile said...

Magnificent. And with this, you've cut right through the fundamentals of online reputation building. It really is as tactile as a business card. Nothing mythic about it; nothing particularly abstract. It's all about seizing cyberspace identity as a kind of second skin, and working from there with all the informational tools on the ready, to materialize what should be always solid and concrete, which is basically one's business profile.

Layla @ Sacramento Marketing Labs