06 July 2015

New "Vintage" fabric for the Printed Fabric Bee

June's theme for the Printed Fabric Bee is "Vintage". I created a piece of fabric by hand painting a background with acrylic ink. Then I added a stencil that I had cut with a slightly irregular striped pattern. I sprayed through the stencil with an ochre pearlescent acrylic ink.

And finally I used a classic, and actually vintage from the 1970s, number stencil and a pewter metallic acrylic spray ink for the top layer of surface design.

You can leave a comment on Lynn's blog or on the Printed Fabric Bee's Facebook page by July 10 for a chance to win a set of 6" squares from each of the Bee members.

1 comment:

B. Garner said...

Hi Jane... love the vintage theme this month, and each artist has taken such a totally different approach... so it is really fun to await the posts while trying to see through the names and try to guess the techniques used. You have pulled three great techniques from your great skills inventory to share in your piece and it is stellar! Thanks for all you do to share the news about new products and special effects.