19 July 2007

Art Cloth Workshop - 2nd day/2nd layer

Today's class was all about texture. We added visual texture to the background pieces we painted last week using a variety of found objects. This piece was painted by Melanie with a feather duster - a vastly preferable use for it, if you ask me!

Some of Susan's pieces with layer two (texture) added

Some of the other things we used for painting texture were: plastic sheets; bubble wrap; sponges (synthetic and natural); egg cartons; toothbrushes; copper pot scrubbers; scrub brushes; leaves; screening (metal and plastic); a rolling pin covered with pom poms; chamois; foam marshmallows; and painter's tape.

Barbara's second layer

Since this layer is another background layer everybody was restrained and kept their color contrast to a minimum and their textures fairly subtle. Next week's layer can be loud, high-contrast and more focal, if desired. In the interest of creating fabric that is cohesive and isn't overwhelmingly busy, it is occasionally necessary to rein ourselves in a tad, and to leave spaces for what is to come.

A few of Melanie's pieces with texture

Next week we'll add a layer of stamped and printed symbols and icons to all of our fabric. We'll be carving and making our own stamps to reflect personal symbology. We may choose to use deep hidden meaning or shallow obvious meaning - depending on how we feel. Stamps can be large or small, complex or simple, organic or geometric. Stay tuned...

Lisa's fabric with the second layer added

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