12 July 2007

Art Cloth Workshop

Today was the first of four days for my Art Cloth Workshop at the Country Quilter. We begin by creating backgrounds using Setacolor paints. The following weeks will add layers of color and texture with acrylic paint, hand-carved stamps, found objects, printing and transfers to these fabrics.

And here is a very small sampling of the results from this first day.

Barbara created some landscape and floral backgrounds, as well as great patterns with a syringe. When the small rocks were removed from the floral piece, they had sunprinted rather nicely on the fabric.

Melanie experimented with folded fabric and dry vs wet brush and fabric techniques. She achieved fantastic striations and patterning on many of her pieces.

Lisa used strong contrast on some freehand-painted pieces, then channeled Jackson Pollock on some drip/spatter backgrounds and also tried out sea salt effects. These are terrific by themselves, but will make great starting points on which to add more design.

Susan's fabric is vibrant and flowing, and included a foray into sunprinting.

A new post next week will show the fabrics with a layer of visual texture added with acrylic paints.

A few of the pieces laid out in the sun to dry early in the day. We couldn't have asked for better weather.

Glorious floral inspiration in the shop gardens, with many dragonflies stopping by to see what we were doing.

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