01 November 2007

Happy Halloween!

My friend Julie and I are down in Houston, Texas at Quilt Festival this week. Pokey encouraged all of the vendors in the Make It University section to dress up tonight for Halloween - so we did! She claims John forgot to pack her costume, but she did have on a great witch's hat. Mmmhmmm. Coming back from changing into my costume I encountered the girls from Fiber On A Whim. Here's Kristin, looking completely adorable.

Here's Jan and Karla, in full All Hallow's Eve regalia. Their booth is right around the corner from ours and it's great to finally meet them in person. They're even more fun in real life.

Back in our booth you can see that Julie really got into it, complete with black lipstick, huge false eyelashes, broomstick and striped stockings. Doesn't she look great?

And here I am, dressed for a night out with the coven. My outfit was not complete without these incredible shoes:

We got a lot of trick-or-treaters at our booth and gave out a ton of candy. We were a little tired at the end of the night, but we had a great time. Happy Halloween!


Natalya said...

those shoes are absolutely fabulous!! i want them! looks like you're having a great time..

Samantha said...

Wow, you guys look FANTASTIC!
Not much more I can say here :)

melanie said...

With those shoes and Julie's faboo hat, you are the belles of the coven.

Now I really do wish I had come [especially since the class I registered for this weekend was cancelled... ah well, as we say in baseball, there's always next year]