19 December 2007

Starry Night

I finally got our tree up and decorated this evening. I strew (is that a word?) our Moravian stars on the mantel and wound some white lights among them. You can see the tree reflected in the glass on the little print.

Then I made an ornament for my friend Carrie with some beautiful handmade paper I found in Papyrus a while ago. I tried it out on my tree first and now I'm thinking I should make myself a few of these.


Melanie said...

past participle: strewn, strewed

Indicative present: to strew
Past: strewed
Future: shall or will strew

Present or Past Progressive (or Continuous) : am or was strewing, are or were strewing
Future Progressive (or Continuous): shall be strewing

Present or Past Perfect: have or had strewn
Future Perfect: shall or will have strewn
Future Perfect Progressive (or Continuous): shall or will have been strewing
Present or Past Perfect Progressive (or Continuous): have or had been strewing; has or had been strewing

You asked.

Natalya said...

Carrie is a lucky girl! I'd like one of those too... lovely decorations strewn...

Gerrie said...

I love hand made ornaments. This one is beautiful.

Teri said...

I think Papyrus is one of my all time favorite shops.

Merry Christmas!

Rayna said...

Melanie beat me to it - LOL! Whatever you did with the stars, they look festive and beautiful. Happy holidays and wishing you a great 2008.

Samantha said...

I was going to say "Melanie beat me to it!" but Rayna beat me to that, too! It's a good thing we're all grammarphiles.

And I must say, I'm absolutely in love with the first picture.

Rachel said...

Moravian stars!? I have some and never knew. Happy to know now, though. Thanks.