28 April 2008

Part three

Part three, this time with a carved stamp.

Walking the dog tonight was like running a spring-peeper obstacle course. Those little frogs were everywhere, including stuck to the outside of the glass front door and all over the steps and walkway. The rain brings them out in droves (in flocks? in gangs? what do peepers travel in?) and the outside lights lure them all up from the creek. They are so cool. This little guy was about an inch long. The first view is from outside looking in and the second from inside looking out. His belly was bright lime green, which totally washed out in the picture. Happy spring!


Peter said...

Part 3 looks great and I can't wait to see the finished piece.

A group of these critters is either an Army of Frogs or an Knot of Toads.

The pacific chorus frogs are in full song out here in the NW, but the only things all over my walkways are Leopard Slugs.

Anonymous said...

The song of peepers is my very favorite spring sound. They have recently started calling here in Vermont and when we stopped to listen at a small pond two days ago, the sound was so rich and full, as if echoing off the surrounding hills and mountains.
I love your photos. It is interesting that peepers can vary so widely in color - from tan to red on the back. And who knew? Lime green on the belly!

Carla said...

Love the eraser carved fish!!

Your frogs are lovely and interesting. The only frogs I get in my area are bullfrogs that come alive at night when they seek some frog love.

Natalya said...

the frog is cute... but when do we see this piece whole? my curiosity is peaked!