14 April 2008

Today's the day

The episode I taped for the Quilt Show with Alex & Ricky last August starts airing today. It's number 208 and is called Principally Speaking - A Firm Foundation for Good Design. You'll see a lot of the quilts from the book I wrote with Elin Waterston, Art Quilt Workbook, a fun exercise and more.

There will be a live "Meet the Guest" chat on the Quilt Show website next Wednesday night, April 23, at 8 pm edt, and I'd love it if some of my blog readers could join me!

Last week I was out in San Francisco visiting our publisher, C&T, to work on an upcoming project. It's always great to meet in person the people who you've talked to and emailed with for a long time. C&T is one of the most environmentally conscious companies I've ever seen. I'm going to work on implementing some of their ideas in the shop to save energy and resources.


terificreations said...

I just finished watching the show. Great job getting so much information in in such a short amount of time.


PaMdora said...

You are rolling!!

my croft said...

the 23rd is Shakespeare's birthday -- how auspicious!

Natalya said...


Moxey said...

EXCELLENT job on the show! Imagine how the public will feel when they get their hands on the new and upcoming DVD!!!

EileenKNY said...

I bought your book at last year's Somers show and you and Elin were gracious enough to sign it. I've looked through it several times but have never had the courage to start the exercises.
I just saw you on TQS and now I'm going to really give it a try. You were great on the show!