22 June 2008

Even more art

Can you stand a few more pictures? I am fortunate enough to own one of Virginia Spiegel's Moon Shrine series and it hangs in my dining area.

I adore every piece in this series and hope to acquire more of her work in the future. Virginia is enormously talented and very generous of spirit.

Shrine of the Planting Moon

Carlos' art, of course, is well represented on all of the walls in our house and we rotate his work on a regular basis. I love this painting, it's so dynamic.

I also recently had one of his prints framed, as well as a few of his father's sketches. These drawings were studies for paintings, haphazardly torn from sketchpads. My father-in-law, Alberto Davila, was much more well-known for his abstract expressionist paintings, but he also produced a large number of representational paintings of coastal Indians. He was an amazingly prolific and disciplined artist and he continues to be an inspiration to me. I'm really glad I came across these sketches while organizing and now have them out where we can see and enjoy them everyday.

This print of Carlos' is one of a series. I have frames for all of them but have to figure out where to hang them. We need more walls!

We also collect indigenous art. Every year for our anniversary we try to buy a piece of African art from one of our favorite galleries. This antelope head dress is from an anniversary a number of years ago. The passionate red painting is another of Carlos'.

I find the juxtaposition and contrast and compatibility of the contemporary (and hand-wrought) and the ancient (and hand-wrought) completely fascinating.


Natalya said...

what a beautiful home and such beautiful art...

Carol Sloan said...

Your home is beautiful. Thank you for inviting us in! Love your husbands art...amazing.

Nancy Bales said...

I am so in love with your house. Not only do you have wonderful taste in art, but you have created an incredible place to show it. Do you think you could adopt me LOL

Anonymous said...

I have loved your posts of the art in your home. I really like the way you have mixed many styles and techniques and still have a cohesive display. Your home looks like a lovely gallery! Thanks for sharing.

Paige said...

Hi Jane,

I just stumbled in through the SAQA ring--what a lucky find!

I hate to ask a non-quilt question in my first comment, but could you identify the table shown in these pictures? We have similarly-colored woodwork, and I cannot find a table that "goes" that is also spare and elegant like yours is. It's particularly nice b/c the combination of table and chairs nicely holds space while letting your artwork shine.


j.dávila said...

Ikea! I love Ikea. The table has leaves and extends out or pushes in. As pictured, it has one of its two leaves in. Fully extended we've been able to seat 10, which is pretty cool.

Our house is really small, so you'd have to share a bedroom, haha.