07 August 2013

New Workshops in a New Studio

The new studio space at the Nest Arts Factory is all set up and ready for visitors. I've put together an exciting roster of classes - a good mix of surface design and art business topics. I've been wanting to teach the business workshops more in depth, with each student bringing a laptop and working on their own website, blog, images, etc. Now this is finally possible! It's one thing for me to explain how to do something to a large group and give you a handout and send you home to try it on your own, and me standing next to you while you try it so you can ask questions as they arise and we can troubleshoot any problems.

Won't you join me?


Karen L R said...

congratulations, jane, on this wonderful new adventure! i wish you rand carlos rewarding success!


Joy said...

Ooooooooh this excites me! I doubt I'll be able to swing it this year, but I'm looking forward to coming up there in the spring!