03 August 2015

Printed Fabric Bee - Insects theme

I am the "Queen Bee" for the month of August of the Printed Fabric Bee group. That means that I got to choose the theme and the size for the fabric this month. Naturally, I chose insects as my theme.

Each of the Printed Fabric Bee members have made a 6" square fabric for me to giveaway to a lucky reader. If you would like to win these lovely fabrics, please leave a comment on this blog post, or on the Printed Fabric Bee blog before August 15 for a chance to win. Buzz on over!

Check out a sampling of the creative fabrics made by the members in this month's collage.

The guidelines to go along with my insect theme this month were an artist's choice of colors, with a touch of black. For my own fabric, I started by painting a solid white fabric with a wash of diluted Liquitex ink, then printed the hexagonal shapes on top with a yellow ochre Neopaque acrylic paint, and finally added the bees with another block print and a black Neopaque acrylic paint. Bees are among my favorite insects for their industriousness, their strong community, and the beauty in the function of their honeycombs. What is your favorite insect and why?

Check out the other Bee member's blogs for insights into their favorite insects too!

Carol R. Eaton
Jackie Lams
Lynda Heines
Gerrie Congdon
Susan Purney Mark
Deborah Boschert
Jane Davila
Lisa Chin
Lynn Krawczyk
Leslie Jenison
Judy Gula 
Julie B. Booth