19 November 2008

Buy Handmade

I Took The Handmade Pledge! BuyHandmade.org

This year my whole family took the Buy Handmade Pledge. We put our own spin on it by adding some guidelines for each other:

1. Give something that you made.

2. Give something that someone else made. This lets us support other artists, irl and online.

3. Give something that helps you make things. We're all creative and artistic and a good tool or supply is always much appreciated.

4. Give something that goes with something handmade that you're giving. This one's a loophole, really, but you have to be creative to make it work. So, as an example, if you make an amazing case to put it in, you could give someone a hot new cd.

5. Books and games. Because it isn't Christmas without books and games. This is a total exemption. We're making up our rules, we can do that.

The decks are cleared in my schedule and I've started gathering supplies and tools to work on my projects (including a soldering iron, how intriguing) - plus cool stuff to sell as well, because I want to support other people's handmade pledge. Altruistic, aren't I?

And it's not even Thanksgiving yet... Whoa.


Renee said...

Hey Jane... this was dinner conversation with your Mom, Nancy, Noreen and I last night. You have inspired me to do this for my sisters and sister-in-laws. Thanks for the inspiration!

Hugs, Renee...

shiborigirl said...

i wholeheartedly support this! this is pretty much what i always do anyway, being a "maker" myself.