06 November 2008


It's a truly momentous day and hope is burning brightly in America. This election has been historic on so many levels and now has an historic outcome. We will remember this day and where we were and how we felt forever. We will pass the stories down to our grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

My husband is an immigrant to this country and became a citizen about ten years ago. This is only the third time he was eligible to vote for president. He looked at me on election night after the results, after the speeches and said "This is what America is about, anything is possible here".

One of his sisters called from Peru the next morning before 8 AM to tell us how excited she was and ask us how we were feeling. This election affects not only us in America but everyone around the world.

We have a dream and we have hope.

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Anonymous said...

My daughter Hannah is studying in Mexico for the semester and Tuesday night she and her host family joined neighbors out in the street to cheer, hug and weep. Our country has been changed by this non-violent revolution, and the world has too. Hope has won over fear. I have been off and on weepy since 11pm on Tuesday, I am re-energized, my heart feels lighter. I even ended up in my sewing room, full of inspiration. Now we must all hold this young man close to our hearts as he steps into the hard work ahead.