14 February 2010

El Pajaro

Lotería Collage Project

20 El Pajaro (the bird)

It feels good to get back into this project. The first 20 of the total 54 are done. I've collected 10 frames from various trips to Ikea and will start matting and framing some of these little blocks.

An update on La Garza from yesterday: I had not heat set the ink on the letters I had erroneously stamped and this morning I tried blotting them with a damp paper towel. Wouldn't you know, they came off, completely and totally! Project save.  I stamped some innocuous flower shapes where the letters were, as the space still needed something.

19 La Garza (the heron) revised


Anonymous said...

Well - THAT was too easy! :-)

Terry said...

What luck! I'm glad the letters came out so easily. It is such a pretty little thing. Very cool project all the way around, with those lottery cards.

Karen L R said...

a kick save and a beauty!