14 February 2010

Workshop in the Hudson Valley

I hope you can join me for a workshop at the beautiful Hudson River Valley Art Workshops in March in Greenville, New York.

I'll be teaching Layers of Meaning, a workshop where you'll make a series of small art quilts incorporating a variety of techniques.

The official description:

Working within a theme, Jane Davila guides you to create a series of small art quilts. Develop your theme using techniques such as direct and indirect inkjet photo transfers, block printing and found object printing. Explore the concept of personal imagery by creating your own motifs to incorporate into your work. Layer your compositions with collage and printing, use quilting as the element of line, and end with a wide assortment of very unusual edge-finishing techniques.

Jane will be bringing an Epson Durabright all-in-one printer with her so that you will be learning and practicing the image transfer techniques hands-on with your own photos. She will also be bringing a number of interesting supplies that are for the use of the students, so it's a great opportunity to experiment with things you may not be familiar with without having to invest in those supplies before you're sure if you like them.

And... they have chocolate! Amazing, handmade chocolate. Really, what else do we need?


Linda said...

Re: "Really, what else do we need? "

- a UK venue, would be good, so long as you bring the chocolate too !!!!

j.dávila said...

I'd love to go to the UK! Just ask me :)

I'll be posting about online classes next week, which will be nearly as much fun, except you'll need to provide your own chocolate...