27 January 2013

A functional use for stamps

I used some of my handmade stamps for a utilitarian purpose. I added the designs to a simple tablerunner!

I choose two very similar colors and stamped on either end of a length of fabric that I picked up at IKEA last year. They had a fabric on the bolt, sold by the yard, that is about 18" wide with sewn hems along the long edges. You can easily make placemats or table runners with this clever fabric by cutting the length you'd like and hemming the short ends. Easy peasy! I couldn't find it on their website, but will definitely look for more the next time I stop in. It came in at least 3 colors and has a linen type texture.

The stamp I used is made from a square of acrylic and shapes cut from adhesive fun foam. I've made a LOT of these stamps over the years and they are very durable and very versatile.

I used 2 coppery/bronzy shades of Jacquard Lumiere paints for the images, with the darker in the center. The Lumiere paints are water-proof once dry and heat set. Now my table has a fresh, fun new look for these dreary, cold winter days.

As a teaser and coming attraction - both Carlos and I have gotten back into more traditional printmaking after a long absence. The press was moved upstairs and plates are being cut and etched as we speak. Wait until you see what we're each working on!


SunRai said...

I like this one! I love making
stamps, and it fun to see ways to used them. I'm going to head to IKEA this week and see if they have some of this fabric. It's just what I need right now to brighten the dreariness of winter. Thanks for the great idea!

Gail Ellspermann said...

Lovely! Can't wait to see what you & Carlos are up to!