15 January 2013

A new way to learn

I discovered a neat website and app that is like Pinterest, in that it is visually beautiful, but differs in the creation of the content. Snapguide builds tutorials, or guides, with a clean, elegant interface. You can create a guide to anything - a recipe, a craft project, an exercise, anything, or you can search for a guide in any one of an assortment of categories. The guides can have any number of steps and include photos and videos. I think this has the potential to be as big as Pinterest, and without the pesky copyright issues since you can like or share or comment on a guide, but you can't take someone else's content and add it to Snapguide. And if you think it looks nice on the web, it looks and functions fantastically on an iPhone or an iPad!

So far I've added 2 guides, as Flourish!, to Snapguide and I'm aiming to add one every week or so. If you teach quilting or have a creative business Snapguide can be a great way to direct people to your website and enhance your reputation as an "expert". It's also a fun way to share your knowledge.

My two guides (so far!):

If you have an iPhone or iPad, look for them in the Snapguide App too.

Have you tried Snapguide? What do you think?


Leslie Tucker Jenison said...

Very interesting, Jane! I haven't heard of this until now, but I want to check it out. Thanks for writing about it!
Miss you!

Wen Redmond said...

hmmm- another 'thing' to do but it does sound interesting. Thanks for the heads up!

Susie Monday said...

This is where I should have put my link! Here's a post with a little more SnapGuide Info. Thanks for the inspiration!