05 January 2013

Pulse Points

Last fall I was asked by Seth Apter, mixed-media artist and author, to answer a couple of questions for his Pulse Points series on the Create Mixed Media website. My answers were included in the second of the series here.

His questions were really thought-provoking and I spent a while doing some deep thinking on my answers. Three other artists answered the same questions and it was interesting to see where the similarities and differences were in our answers.

The questions were:

Have you ever been jealous of another artist’s skills?
Do you feel you have found your niche art-wise or are you still searching?
What would your answers be to these questions? Again, here is the article with our answers.

You can see part one, part three, and part four on the Create Mixed Media blog.


Terry Grant said...

The question of being jealous of another artists skills is really interesting. While I don't want my work to be like anyone else's, sometimes I am so blown away by someone's art that I wish I could enter their brains temporarily to get a taste of what they see!

Vivien Zepf said...

Jealous of others? no. Admiring of others? yes. Wishing I could somehow morph someone else's skill set, use it, and make it fit into my vision? yes, but I concede it will never happen.

Seth said...

Thanks jane for sharing your thoughts as part of this project -- and for spreading the word!