01 March 2009

A group exhibition - in the truest sense


If you like art quilts and you find yourself in the NY metropolitan area next weekend, there's a marvelous show opening at the Mahopac Library. The group of art quilters who meet at the Country Quilter are putting on a group exhibtion that has truly been a group project. Together the group decided on a title for the show, the size range of the pieces, cohesive mounting of the art, specific pieces for the postcard and much more. We had a discussion about writing artist statements, a digital photography demonstration, and a mass attachment of art to canvas and application of screw eyes and wire for hanging. It's been a very rewarding experience and everyone has gotten to see firsthand what goes into mounting an exhibition - from contacting a gallery, to sending out press releases, to organizing the reception. We hope you can come!


Renee said...

Hi Jane... I will miss the opening next weekend, but will definitely make the exhibit.

Just thought I'd let you know that I was in 3 different quilt shops in Phoenix/Sedona last week, and your books were proudly displayed in all three!

I am in Ottawa this week. Will have to see if I can find you there :-)

Jane LaFazio said...

Looks like a great exhibition..and a great group!

Karen L R said...

I'm planning on stopping by tomorrow. Check out my blog to see what Gretta was up to today!