08 May 2008

It Takes a Village

As promised, here is the rest of the village of fabric houses.

Julie's is a treehouse with a cup of tea in every room.
2 Petit Treeanon, Julie Saviano

Mary Gay's house celebrates her family and pets.
99 Keeler Lane, Mary Gay Leahy

Nancy's depicts her second home on the coast of Maine.
545 Blueberry Hill, Nancy Mirman

My sister, Linda, was inspired by the words of her favorite authors.
1821 Textual Way, Linda Oehler-Marx

I love this interior wall in Linda's house. There are pictures of our mom and grandma and an appropriate sentiment about knitting (both Linda and our mom are knit-fiends and our grandma used to be) plus a warning that I'm next to learn to knit. I told her that when I'm 82 and we're in adjoining rooms in an old folks' home then, and only then, can she teach me to knit.

If you'd like to try a fiber house of your own here are some things to think about:

The opportunity exists for a very allegorical approach to a theme of home. While you can create a literal interpretation of “home” and your memories of it, you can also use the inside/outside aspect of the construcion as a chance to explore:

a vision of what home can be
an interpretation of self
a memory, fantasy, dream or imaginary home
hidden/revealed thoughts using symbolism and personal imagery
a specific room: a studio, a kitchen, a garden room, a library
a journal or story house
a tribute to an artist or writer
a chronology of family
a house as a character in a story

Again, the inspiration for our challenge was the book, In This House by Angela Cartwright & Sarah Fishburn, Quarry Books, July 2007

A cool preview of the houses in the book can be found on Angela's website.


Natalya said...

these are wonderful! brilliant ideas.. where's the picture of all of them together? I may have to beg for a job at the country quilter just so I can participate in the challenges...

Cyber Fyber said...

I've so enjoyed your recent "house building" projects. Thanks so much for sharing them.
PS I'm hosting a second/final round of CYBER FYBER trading for new participants...so please spread the word.

Another PS There's a photo of a boy with a broken skate board. I'm assuming this is your son. His name is very interesting. What's its origin? My elder son is named Mathias...instead of Matthias which is more common.

Rrramone said...

love love love love these!