22 May 2008

Resist Painting Workshop

Join me for a class in resist painting!

Learn the Serti (French for encircle or surround) technique of RESIST PAINTING to create areas of color blocking and enclosed designs. A liquid resist is used to contain flow-able paint within a shape on fabric. Dye-Na-Flow paints and water-based clear and metallic resists make my version of this technique non-toxic, non-flammable and eco-friendly. Large and small scale multi-color designs on cotton can be created fairly quickly and easily. This technique is a unique addition to your art quilt “toolbox”. Saturday, June 21 and 28.

The bee was created with a metallic antique bronze resist and the open areas are painted with custom-mixed Dye-Na-Flow paints. Clear resists are washed out leaving the background fabric showing through your design, metallic resists are left in place and are permanent.


Carol Sloan said...

Hi Jane
I enjoy reading your blog and looking around at your art work.I'd love to take one of your classes. Are you ever closer to SC? Check out my blog if you have a minute (www.carolbsloan.blogspot.com).I have pictures of some of my work.I am also planning on taking a series of classes this fall based on your book (at Fiber On A Whim in Atlanta).I am really looking forward to it.Love your work!

my croft said...

i understand -- in theory -- the resist part, but isn't all paint "flowable"?

zquilts said...

Ah heck -- I got all excited thinking it was an on-line class ! Sounds great though !

j.dávila said...

Carol: You'll have fun at Fiber on a Whim - keep me posted on your work.

Melanie: most paint itself is indeed flowable in the sense that it's liquid, but most paint is also made to be thick enough in terms of viscosity to "hold a line" when applying it. Flowable in this case refers to how the paint and the fabric interact - the paint flows and wicks along the fabric's fibers thereby acting more like a dye (until stopped by the resist).

zquilts: Sorry, I didn't mean to mislead you! Maybe some day...