31 July 2008

Painting assistance

Last night I was helping my daughter make a flag to mark a camp for her and a bunch of her friends at a huge outdoor concert that starts today. She picked Hypnotoad as their mascot and we painted him on a piece of canvas and mounted it on a tall stick. They're heading off to Gathering of the Vibes with 25,000 other crazy people where they'll camp on the beach, listen to the bands, check out the art, and be young and free.

I had a special assistant help me paint my section of the banner. She made sure I did a good job! Painting with a puppy on your lap makes things just a tad more challenging.

Here's hoping for good weather!



She is a gorgeous pup... You should try sewing with a Maltese in yr lap!! Lx

Françoise said...

She's cute! I couldn't do this with my big old retriever...