13 July 2008

The Sisters experience

I taught in Sisters Oregon last week and uneven internet access prevented me from blogging while I was there, but now I'm back and here's the scoop!

Sisters is a beautiful town in the high desert of central Oregon. It has a wild west vibe that's very foreign (but very cool) to this Connecticut Yankee.

The hotel where all of the teachers stayed was also a llama ranch - it was really, really cool to wake up every morning and look at the herd in the paddock outside the window.

I taught a different class every day at the high school in an open area in the middle of all the action.

On two of the days I presented one of my favorite classes, Project Patchwork, where I challenged my students to create three small quilts in six hours, based on different criteria. One of the challenges was to randomly select a fine art postcard and use it as a source of inspiration, no copying allowed! The best challenge on Project Runway last season was the one at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and I wanted to capture that energy. Here are a few of the pieces made in class, plus the postcards that inspired them.

Another of the challenges involved interpreting a cliche. Here is good things come in small packages.

I'll post a few pictures from the big outdoor show later today and more pictures of my students' work. The whole thing was a terrific experience - the students were wonderful, the organizers were organized and thoughtful, and the show was outstanding. And of course, hanging out with the other teachers was a treat.


my croft said...

Welcome back, I missed reading your posts.
This looks to be about the most fun a person could have and still be working. :)

Meg in Albuquerque said...

Can't wait to read more about you Sisters experience. I also wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your blog and your Art Quilt Workbook. I have nominated you for the Brillianting Weblog Award Premio - 2008. Don't feel obligated to do anything, I just wanted to say "Thanks for being such an inspiration". I hope to be able to visit your shop this September when I am back in the Big Apple area.