31 July 2008

Project Runway Challenge - week two

Week two's challenge was to make a young and trendy cocktail dress with "green" fabric. The show had the models choose the fabric, which was impractical when your model's a paper doll, so we choose our own. Yeah, yeah, I know, but what else could we do? Their little arms just can't carry the bolts of fabric to the cutting table.

My baby doll dress is made from a piece of silk dyed and sprinkled with sea salt. I wet and crinkled the skirt for texture. The bodice is a piece of dyed mulberry bark and the straps are twisted and knotted silk. I intentionally left the hem undone for a deconstructed, organic touch.

I tried making shoes, but gave up and choose a pair from the Bluefly accessory wall, along with a cute satin Valentino bag. This is fun and the scale is definitely a challenge.

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