22 July 2008

Project Runway Challenge - week one

I was invited to participate in a challenge based on those presented on season 5 of Project Runway each week. Each of the five participants has to make an outfit for a paper doll following the PR rules before the next episode airs. And the organizer rounded up some judges so we'll get feedback and snarky comments (I hope). I don't think anyone will be eliminated - but I'll let ya know! Week one presented a challenge to use only items found in a grocery store to create an innovative outfit. Mine is comprised of parchment paper, dried basil leaves, aluminum foil, star-shaped pasta and silver dragees. Can't wait to see what the new challenge tomorrow night brings!

I have a feeling this is going to be a great inspirational exercise. In fact, I challenged the art quilters who meet at The Country Quilter each month to make a small quilt following the PR challenges. Come play along with us!

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