29 August 2008

Art Deco Postcard

I'm madly finishing up some postcards for the swap group, Postmarkd Art, I've belonged to for the last three-four years. One theme this round is Art Deco. I did enjoy this, but it took longer than I had anticipated to complete them. This morning I decided they needed one more thing and I carved a stamp with a small art deco motif/ornament on it to add to the upper left corner. Today I'll drop them in the mailbox and send them out into the world. Phew, cross that off the list. Two more themes to get through and I'm on to the next round.

1 comment:

candiedfabrics said...

Ooh, very nice. And that stamp does add just the right little something!

How do you finish your edges on your postcards? I've got to get some ATC's made, and I definitely don't like the zig zagged edge, so I'm looking at how else people finish these things!

Candy in CA