15 August 2008

Teaching in Ohio

I'm back from a teaching gig in Ohio for the North Coast Needlers Quilt Guild in Cleveland. What a nice group of people! Midwesterners really deserve their reputation for friendliness. And luck was on my side - their August meeting is an ice cream social. Life is good.

On Wednesday I taught a class in making Fiber Postcards and Artist Trading Cards. Jean and her daughter Liz were my hosts at the guild and they took great care of me - and had fun in both classes!

Everyone made a few ATCs in the morning and then we switched to postcards after lunch.

What a creative bunch, don't you think?

One of the women in class is really into bee imagery and knew that I was too. She wore this fantastic pin to class and of course, I had to take a picture of it. Now I need to track down the artist if I can - really, the combination of insect and typewriter key is perfect. If anyone knows who made this, drop me a note please.

Yesterday I taught a Nature Printing workshop. We started off with sunprinting and we had a beautiful day despite a few sprinkles in the morning and predictions of thunderstorms.

After lunch we printed vegetables, fruit and lots of leaves. The lady's mantle leaves were gorgeous and the Japanese maples and ferns made such delicate prints. And lastly, we printed fish! My favorite!! We were really into the whole Zen aspect of printing when we got to the fish. Ohm.

It was a great couple of days with enthusiastic, creative women. Now I'll be home for a while working on new projects. Yay, studio time!


my croft said...

wow. there are few things more gratifying (and fun) than teaching.

Plain Jane said...

Oh, I would have especially loved the nature printing class. I saw your fish printing bit on QA TV, season two. Way cool. I have two fish in the garage, just waiting to be printed. (yes, they are rubber ones.)

and that Bee pin is fabulous!!!!

Jeanne Turner McBrayer said...

What fun! Some great results from your workshops!

Sharon Morton said...

Jane, I belive my bee pin was made by Jabberwocky and the Boys Jewelry. Great workshop....I'll send that postcard soon!