10 August 2008

A Wicked Good Day

Sam and I headed into the City today and caught a matinee of Wicked on Broadway.

A really nice guy I know, Steven Skybell, plays Dr Dillamond in the show and we had awesome seats. Steven gave us a backstage tour after the show. The stage is so much smaller when you're standing on it than when you're in the audience looking at it. We stood in front of the giant Wizard of Oz head backstage to take a few pictures.

Sadly, all of the costumes are stored downstairs and we didn't get a chance to see them up close, but they were amazing from the audience (did I mention we had really good seats?) The colors and textures of the fabric were gorgeous and the designs were so quirky and whimsical. We loved the shoes especially!

This dragon was in the lobby and was a small replica of the much larger one above the stage inside. The sets were incredibly inventive and the mechanical aspect of all of the moving parts was remarkable.

A feast for the eyes and ears - I definitely feel inspired to make a small piece of art from the experience. It was a Wicked good day! Thank you Steven and Michael, you're the best!

Tomorrow afternoon I head out to Cleveland for a few days of teaching and a lecture, so I've got a ton of packing to do, but now I've got a soundtrack to sing along to.


Susan Brubaker Knapp said...

oooh, Jane, you are so lucky. I've seen it twice (in Houston, and then in Charlotte) and I'm a huge fan. Don't know if it was your friend we saw as Dr. Dillamand or not...I'll have to go back and check my Playbills. Very cool. I've even got my kids singing along to the soundtrack in the car. They know ALL the words. It is a fascinating musical on so many levels, but those costumes are such a feast for the eyes if you are a fiber artist!

Deborah said...

I was also entranced by the costumes where I saw it in Dallas. So amazing. It almost made me realize why the tickets are so expensive. (Almost.)