10 January 2009

El Arbol

Lotería Collage Project

10 El Arbol (the tree)

The fact that it's been less than 50 degrees in my studio when I get home from work at night is wreaking havoc with my best-laid plans to post a new piece every day. I probably should have started this when the weather was warmer, but there's something so symmetrical about starting a new project on the first of the year. Tonight I sewed with a parka, scarf and hat on and baby, that machine was COLD to the touch. Brrrr. (Couldn't sew with my mittens on, though I tried.)


Renee said...

Well, we hope you keep posting, inspite of the cold... it gives the rest of us inspiration.

my croft said...

ummmm . . . space heater?
I have one for my cubicle at work (a big open room in a converted factory building) and it makes all the difference.

Regardless of the deprivations, I love how these are hummming right along and looking so cool. (no pun intended.)

Vivien said...

Love the green paper in this one!