05 January 2009

El Paraguas

Lotería Collage Project

05 El Paraguas (the umbrella)


Connie Rose said...

These are so wonderful, Jane. About how big are they?

Vivien said...

These are all great, Jane! I'm so impressed that you've made one every day. Wow! I must say that all your work is joyful and tranquil at the same time. Does that make sense? Anyway, it always makes me feel good to look at your art. I'm so glad you post.

Terry said...

I love these loteria pieces. The graphics are so nostalgic. When I learned the Spanish word for umbrella it amused me. So literal. "For waters." And it made the word "parasol" suddenly make perfect sense!

j.dávila said...

Connie: The pieces are 5" square. I found some great frames at Ikea that are 10" square and now I need to cut some mats. I think they're going to look great hung in a grid.

Vivien: Thank you, you're a sweetie!

Terry: The cards are so kitschy that they're cool, right? The Loteria game also has these goofy rhymes that go along with them, but they're in Spanish so I haven't been posting them.

Rebecca said...

Jane, I love loteria cards, these are wonderful! What a great jumping off point for these wonderful small pieces.
And I just went to your etsy store, and you are doing jewelry, too? Wow. I love all your pieces, especially the square frame on the lime earrings.