09 January 2009

Refrigerator Art Online

Dorian Price at the super-cool website Refrigerator Art Online interviewed me the other day. Check it out here.

Dorian's site is a fantastic resource for artists and art lovers with reviews of galleries and shows, art news, interviews, calls for entry. Head on over for a visit, she has all sorts of goodies!


my croft said...

that "in one word, how would you describe your art?" is a great question. (great answer as well.)
it got me thinking.

norma said...

Great interview, Jane. I don't know what I would say for my one word, but I'm thinking about it, too.

Vivien said...

I enjoyed the interview; I wish there was more! Nice photos of your art. How long did you think before you answered with your one word to describe your art? I think you gave a good answer.

j.dávila said...

The one word thing is tough! Everything I thought of initially was two words.

Okay, who's going to post theirs??

Anonymous said...

Your interview was fun. About that "one word" part: the first word that came to my mind was "insane" (which would describe such things as deconstructing zippers to use for binding, or making 84 2" maple leaves for a Christmas stocking project, or starting a major project only 2 weeks before the deadline). Maybe insane describes me and not my work. :-) I'm sure I can think of a better word if I work at it.

my croft said...

okay, okay.
I thought of "spare" (As in "gaunt" or "austere," not "extra")

wv: seemveri
seems veri appropriate