18 January 2009

La Bandera

Lotería Collage Project

16 La Bandera (the flag)

The weather is not cooperating with this project. It's too cold in my studio to work most evenings. Not fun on so many levels, at home and at the store. The pipes froze at the shop on Saturday and burst in two places (it was minus 15 without a windchill in the morning). Plumbers are in short supply because everyone's having the same problem.

I'm very wearily starting a countdown - 61 days until Spring.


my croft said...

and in my studio, I've had two windows open all weekend -- and it was still 80 degrees in here.
Wanna come over?

Terry said...

Being cold is not a good incentive to creativity. I hope your part of the world warms up soon. It was cold here today, but nothing like that.

Take care--

norma said...

My studio is very cold, too. It's over the garage and I don't think the floor is well insulated. But I've gotten used to it and wear an extra sweater. That's too bad about the pipes bursting. I like your new little piece.

Vivien said...

Oh Jane, that just stinks..... La Bandera is lovely despite the cold.