02 November 2009

AED - Day Two

Day two of Art Every Day Month - and no, I won't be putting a number on each of these pieces *big grin*. There just happened to be a postage stamp, the perfect color and size, in my collection that had a 2 on it. Or my subconscious is really pushy...

This one is ATC-sized (2.5" x 3.5") and the base is Strathmore paper with a canvas texture. You won't believe the HUGE mess I made making this tiny thing! My studio is such a disaster right now that I've been reduced to putting a cutting mat on the floor and slicing and dicing on my hands and knees. And my camera got lost less than five minutes after I set it down and took me fifteen to find again. Ugh. I need a couple of days to devote to sorting and cleaning and organizing. Maybe next week...


my croft said...

I expect that a good deal of the process is simply persevering -- "despite". So far, so good.

I have written 800 words, about a fourth of where I should be if I were conscientiously NaNo-ing, but my goal is simply "write something every day. So I'm off to add two lines of dialogue -- or some equally perfunctory bit of conscientiousness -- before bed.

wv: econic
there may be something in that.

Leslie said...

I like that on, my art everyday is to challenge my spinning with interesting stuff that I haven't used before. I like what I have seen here so far, for certain.

indeed there may be something in that