22 November 2009

AED - reboot

So now that I'm getting over the over-thinking and subsequent self-sabotage from a week ago, I'm back to posting again. And no longer worried about the relative importance of the output, just the doing.

A fun little collage with a fun little Indonesian stamp I picked up on a jaunt today that also included a Wolf Kahn exhibit and excellent chocolate gelato (not all at the same time).


my croft said...

what a cheery little fish!

I've been tempted by a punch that produces stamp-shaped rectangles. I may succumb. New toys are often inspiring.

Victoria said...

Something so simple yet so perfect. Thanks!

Natalya said...

lovely fishie! i'm working on rebooting too..

Donna Kallner said...

Maybe what I need is a mental disk clean-up and reboot. Great analogy.