03 November 2009

AED - sketching

When I was in Houston for International Quilt Festival demonstrating in the Open Studios of the Make It University section of the show, I started some thread sketches. I worked on a few of them today.

First I doodle on a sandwich of fabric and thin batting with a sewing machine and black thread to give the impression of a pen and ink drawing.

Then I add a diluted mix of Liquitex liquid acrylic inks to achieve a watercolor paint effect.

I play this weird game where I try to make the thread sketch with one continuous line of stitching - one start, one stop.

Sort of like doing a drawing and not lifting your pencil off the paper.

Since I'm so bad at regular watercolor painting on paper, I'm surprised at how much I like these and how much they look like I wanted them to look.

Okay, except for that one, which needs more pressing...


Joyce said...

Amazing. Until I read the post I thought the bug was drawn with pen and ink.

Jane Moxey said...

So glad to see you having some creative playtime after all your hard work. Just saw on C & T's website about your new book -- Hooray for you, Jane. I love your thread sketches. I'm going to try some since I think I can't do free motion. Maybe diluted Tsukineko Inks would have a similar effect as Liquitex, which I don't have --- yet!! Cheers!

my croft said...

okay. it looks like you're set for the next five days.
kick back, my friend.

Vivien said...

Ooo, I like them! I think this is fun to do, too, but mine never turn out as nicely as yours.

Natalya said...