13 November 2009

AED - gifts

The stomach bug that I haven't been able to shake since mid-October knocked me out again yesterday and I missed making art and posting. Grrr. Today I worked on some fun, pretty bracelets so I can start populating my Etsy store again, just in time for the holidays.

I also did some writing today and plan on a lot more of that tomorrow. I honestly feel like, if the days were longer or the business work shorter, that more art would be happening. It's certainly not from a lack of ideas, although the disastrous mess in my studio is certainly hampering my enthusiasm at the moment. Can cleaning/orgainzing/sorting/putting-away count as creativity?


lcroswell said...

YES!! If cleaning and organizing help get your creative juices flowing and facilitate art, then I think it qualifies. I've been tempted to take a day for that too.

my croft said...

anything that supports the work is part of the work and, therefore, artful.

I think sometimes it would be useful to have a round-robin clean-up exchange rather than another postcard-ATC-journal-whatever exchange. God knows I'd have to do a massive amount of cleaning in advance of having anyone in to help me clean, and that way things might actually get done.

wv: smsthfu
an interrogative, I think.
smsthfu? really?

Candied Fabrics said...

I'll say YES too! Nothing gives me a rush to create like a wonderful clean studio! AND, I find that too much clutter in there is very distracting and can be quite a mental block!

norma said...

I've been promising to do a major clean up for a long time, but somehow it never gets done. I do clean up between projects, but that's just perfunctory. I know I would find all kinds of treasures if I did a thorough job, but I would need more than a day.

Hope you're feeling better!