09 August 2007

Art Cloth Workshop - 4th day/4th & final layer

Today's layer consisted of glitter, glitz and glimmer. The subtle (or not so subtle) addition of metallic hand-painted accents can really "finish" a piece of cloth. We used Pebeo gold and silver glitter finishes and Setacolor shimmers in a variety of metallic colors. There was also the option of adding text using two different methods. One involved inkjet printouts and gel medium, and the other used adhesive foam letters and cardboard to create rubbing plates. Shiva Paintstiks gently dragged across these text plates provided colorful words.

Susan chose evocative words to add to these two pieces of fabric.

Lisa combined text and glitter highlights in some of her work.

Melanie added sparkly accents to both of these pieces and used leaves for Paintstik rubbings.

Alice created two stamps last time and enhanced both freehand with metallic paint this week.

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Lynne Croswell said...

I love the colors and textures in your photo of the pile of letters.