01 August 2007

It's hard to be glamorous!

Today was my first-ever manicure in preparation for the Quilt Show taping. I'm too hard on my hands to bother with polish and besides, I'm not good at sitting still! I didn't want to be distracted by a color (ooh, pretty...) and forget what I'll be saying so I went with a pale neutral. My daughter Sam came along for "moral support" and she picked a bold color.

Of course, one nail was dinged and one was smudged before I even made it to the car. It's so hard to be glamorous! I packed polish remover in case they're truly disreputable by the time I get there - that's hours away yet, anything can happen...

1 comment:

Samantha said...

Just to remind you, I'm always thinking of you.
And my manicure looks much better since my shower this afternoon. (Though of course it didn't change the fact that there are bumps and nicks in the polish, it still looks neater, overall.)