02 August 2007

The big day

What an interesting day today was! I arrived in LaVeta really late last night due to a delayed plane in Chicago and a terrible thunderstorm driving down from Colorado Springs but I still made sure to get up early to watch the first taping in the morning so I'd know what to expect when it was my turn in the afternoon. While I was waiting for the doors to open I had the good fortune to meet Tracy Chapman of Sew Thankful.

Judith Baker Montano was the guest this morning. She had an interesting presentation and she made it look so easy. The set was much smaller than I expected and everyone was incredibly friendly and welcoming. Boy, it takes a lot of people to produce a show like this! They work so well together and obviously enjoy what they're doing.

After a break for lunch, all of the quilts I brought (a good selection of both mine and Elin's) were hung up and we rehearsed my demo.

Alex and Ricky were terrific to work with and they made the day such a positive, fun experience. Alex was nice enough to pin down the collar on my blouse (it simply wouldn't stay put) and add more color to my cheeks so I wouldn't look too pale on camera. The episode will air sometime after Christmas - stay tuned!


Samantha said...

I thought you would write way more! Good thing you come home today, so I can hear your stories. Also, I was hoping the pictures would be bigger than that. Well, I have errands to run, have a safe flight!

The Daughter

P.S. I have always loved Ricky's hat.

Elin said...

Looks like fun, sorry I missed it.

Homeleightigger said...

Thanks for the lovely newsy letter on the Postmark'dArt email system, it was lovely to read all about it. You must have had a ball. Lovely pic. here of the three of you, what a lovely keepsake. Val in Devon UK.

Feather on a Wire said...

Sounds like it was great fun, except the bear!

diva of quilts said...

Can't wait to see the show!